Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crowns and Sparkles!

Wouldn't you love to have a crown designed just for you? Or a ring made of leather with the sparkle of a star? Or a lightning bolt to wear on your finger? Shannon of Pink Whiskey is offering new and beautifully unique designs that include custom designed leather crowns, bags, necklaces, bracelets and expertly crafted rings. 

Recently, I received the rings pictured on the tiny wrapped leather boot in the photograph below and fell in love with the uniqueness of design and eclectic creativity. The rings feel as though they belong on your finger forever and are soft, yet are made to last. They show true craftsmanship infused with a bohemian edge by the creator, Shannon. 

And, let's not forget the crowns! I've included a photograph of a crown she designed for her niece which is truly whimsical and so amazing in its design. What child or adult wouldn't love to have a crown to wear? It takes me back to Valentine's Day in graded school when I was the Queen of Hearts and wore a foil-covered, cardboard crown decorated with red sticker hearts. Shannon's crowns feature beads, metals and other materials and are made in various designs.....whatever you would like. From a jagged cut to a straight cut....whatever the wearer would love to have. Or, she can custom design a crown and surprise you with inspiration from her muse! 

Check out her Facebook page, “Pink Whiskey”. There, you can see photographs and contact her about her designs, to place an order or to make a special request.

Keep watching......more to come!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Metallography......Inspired Jewelry Designs!

Pewter Cross with Fleur de Lis

Over the past weeks, I have been searching for new artisans on etsy.com and found beautifully crafted metal creations made by Maggie of Atlanta, Georgia.  Her etsy.com shop is entitled “metallography”.  As she says in her profile, she “loves making something out of nothing” and it has become her passion and motivation with her unique creations.  Metalsmithing re-entered Maggie’s life through a series of happenings and she now creates beauty to be worn using techniques in this new venture that had been hidden away.  As well as creating unique designs, she also sells pewter crosses and fleur de lis to other “creators” that they incorporate into their own “pieces”. 
Heart Pendant

My personal favorites are her hot-stamped metal hearts and a very unique pendant with a tiny scroll within its rim.  She describes the process of hot stamping as taking either a cut piece of brass or copper, adding solder and heat with a blow torch to the melting point, and while the metal is molten, it is pressed with a rubber stamp, taking on the imprint.  No two pieces are alike making them one of a kind, further enhancing their individual and eclectic beauty. 
Friendship Scroll Pendant
Maggie's pipe bezel pendant, which is entirely handmade, features a fleur de lis soldered onto the side.  The rosary-style chain is hand-wrapped and made with cut amazonite beads.  Hanging from the bezel is a tiny cluster of mother-of-pearl beads in aqua with a crystal hand-cut teardrop beneath.  Held within the bezel is a message on handmade paper ...it’s the friends we meet along life’s path who help us appreciate the journey”.  Beautiful!  It reminds me of the friends I have made along the way and the wonderful people – designers and sellers of eclectic creations in this world – who have changed my life through their love of what they do.

I highly recommend Maggie’s creations and her etsy.com shop.  Maggie’s designs can be found at www.etsy.com/shop/metallography ......you will love them! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rags Rock!

My love of “rocker and bohemian chic” motivates me to seek out designers and sellers inspired by rebellion of convention.  During one of my late night jaunts on the internet, I came upon a site that cannot be ignored.  Rags Rock of West Midlands (AKA The Fashion Bank Ltd.) in England which launched in 2012.  They carry high end “celebrity” fashion brands such as Muubaa, Blue Valley, Barney’s Originals, French Connection, Hype, and many more at very low end prices for both women and men.  They ship worldwide and offer a diverse selection of designs, with exceptional customer service!  Believe me when I say, you will be able to spend hours looking at the offerings of this company’s site for the perfect dress, jacket or accessory.  Along with the biker style leather jackets by Muubaa, they offer beautiful dresses with an edge by Aqua and Ex-Asos, as well as accessories by Tom Ford and Vivienne Westwood.  They also feature an “Outlet” section on their website.  New offerings include creations by Spirithoods, Forever Unique, Religion, Love Rocks, Jocasi and Local Celebrity.

You can find Rag Rocks at www.ragsrock.com including links to their Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages.  They also have their very own fashion blog that highlights their newest additions, as well as showing great style.  

Forever Unique Skye Playsuit
Muubaa Flax Biker Jacket
Highlighted are two beautiful designs from their website…….the rebel-inspired Muubaa “Flax” distressed leather jacket which features raw edged seams in soft lambs leather, an asymmetric front zipper, buckled neck and side tabs at the waist, zippered cuffs and sculpting wire at the hem, front opening and the collar.  Amazing design and unbelievably unique color.  Another stunning offering is the Forever Unique Skye Playsuit with three-quarter length sleeves and attached “shorts” embellished with hand sewn “jewels” on the shoulders for a stunning look, with a concealed rear zip fastening.  Eclectic and versatile!

I know I will be watching their site for the newest arrivals.  Check out the Rags Rock website…..you will love it!  Amazing company and over-the-top customer service!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Paula Carvalho Jewelry Designs.....

Silver XO Bracelet

In my never ending search for the eclectic and artisans who create beautiful designs, I found Paula Carvalho of Livermore, California.  Her jewelry is a reflection of her heart in a myriad of designs including forged cross and "XO" bracelets.  She also creates pendants, necklaces and silver cuffs.  Some reflect a medieval edge, while others speak of the ocean and love.  Crosses and hearts play a major role in her collections but personal requests are welcome.  She utilizes semi-precious stones and silver, which give her designs an "old world" presence with a modern edge.  What began as an outlet for her creativity became a passion-turned-obsession in her life!   

Below is a photograph of the silver hand forged bracelet with distressed leather cord and silver cross closure that I just received.  I can say without any doubt that her creations are beautiful and comfortable to wear.......and truly stunning!  Check out Paula's facebook page via the link below where you can see an unlimited range of designs and get in touch with her or visit her website at www.paulasjewelry.net! 
Silver Forged Cross Bracelet

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pink Whiskey.....

I recently discovered a beautiful ring made from leather and set out to find where I could find it and the designer behind this unique creation.  I was brought to the facebook page, “Pink Whiskey” where I found photographs of organically crafted jewelry and accessory designs including handbags with a true bohemian edge, made from various metals and leather.  Truly original designs…..yet another muse with a distinct style……one whose designs belong in a high-end catalog without a doubt!

The designer behind “Pink Whiskey”, Shannon Marie, designs and crafts stunning jewelry and accessories from natural materials.  Made from fine leathers and metals, each ring, necklace or handbag is unique in its design. 

Shannon began her career working at an upscale cleaning business that handled fine clothing after attending fashion school in Manhattan, as she had first thought of making custom-made couture clothing.  During this time, she felt “side-tracked” and realized her passion for jewelry design which evolved to sketching and designing rings, which then led her to the design of necklaces and handbags.  She is now pursuing her dream of being a creative designer.  As she says, “….when I create a new design that I love, it is even better when other people love it too….!”

If you would like to know how to order any of Shannon’s designs or contact her with any questions, she can be reached by email at pinkwhiskey1881@yahoo.com or on her facebook page, “Pink Whiskey”.  Shannon’s facebook pages features information about upcoming shows and a myriad of photographs of her inspired creations.  Click on the link below to be brought directly to her facebook page.   Her first “official show” will take place this weekend at the Holiday Craft Fair at the Airport Mall in Bangor, Maine on Saturday, December 22.  Wish I could be there! 

Check out her Etsy Shop "PinkWhisskey"!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fairy Muse........

Another breathtaking creation by Gibbous Fashions from the "Flowers" collection..........

Saturday, June 9, 2012

SUGARL!PS.......Moscow Transit Coat!

The Moscow Transit Coat by Sugarlips Apparel……..a jacket fit for a true rebel.  Edgy in its military-style design from light gray fabric that shimmers with silver metallic thread just enough to capture attention…..to the belt that can be worn tied at the waist or in your own style…..closed, untied……however you prefer “your look”.  The jacket is lined in soft black fabric and adorned with black embossed buttons.  The icing on the cake is the faux fur at each wrist with its unique wave design…….such an eclectic touch!  I highly recommend the Moscow Transit Coat by SUGARL!PS for the spring, fall or winter....or even on a cool summer night.  Sparkle and glimmer but oh so subtle!  Mystery defined.  Fit for the rebellious muse that resides within……..a jacket that will inspire you to discover places that will bring new adventures!  Check it out at www.sugarlipsapparel.com!