Thursday, February 14, 2013

Paula Carvalho Jewelry Designs.....

Silver XO Bracelet

In my never ending search for the eclectic and artisans who create beautiful designs, I found Paula Carvalho of Livermore, California.  Her jewelry is a reflection of her heart in a myriad of designs including forged cross and "XO" bracelets.  She also creates pendants, necklaces and silver cuffs.  Some reflect a medieval edge, while others speak of the ocean and love.  Crosses and hearts play a major role in her collections but personal requests are welcome.  She utilizes semi-precious stones and silver, which give her designs an "old world" presence with a modern edge.  What began as an outlet for her creativity became a passion-turned-obsession in her life!   

Below is a photograph of the silver hand forged bracelet with distressed leather cord and silver cross closure that I just received.  I can say without any doubt that her creations are beautiful and comfortable to wear.......and truly stunning!  Check out Paula's facebook page via the link below where you can see an unlimited range of designs and get in touch with her or visit her website at! 
Silver Forged Cross Bracelet