Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pink Whiskey.....

I recently discovered a beautiful ring made from leather and set out to find where I could find it and the designer behind this unique creation.  I was brought to the facebook page, “Pink Whiskey” where I found photographs of organically crafted jewelry and accessory designs including handbags with a true bohemian edge, made from various metals and leather.  Truly original designs…..yet another muse with a distinct style……one whose designs belong in a high-end catalog without a doubt!

The designer behind “Pink Whiskey”, Shannon Marie, designs and crafts stunning jewelry and accessories from natural materials.  Made from fine leathers and metals, each ring, necklace or handbag is unique in its design. 

Shannon began her career working at an upscale cleaning business that handled fine clothing after attending fashion school in Manhattan, as she had first thought of making custom-made couture clothing.  During this time, she felt “side-tracked” and realized her passion for jewelry design which evolved to sketching and designing rings, which then led her to the design of necklaces and handbags.  She is now pursuing her dream of being a creative designer.  As she says, “….when I create a new design that I love, it is even better when other people love it too….!”

If you would like to know how to order any of Shannon’s designs or contact her with any questions, she can be reached by email at pinkwhiskey1881@yahoo.com or on her facebook page, “Pink Whiskey”.  Shannon’s facebook pages features information about upcoming shows and a myriad of photographs of her inspired creations.  Click on the link below to be brought directly to her facebook page.   Her first “official show” will take place this weekend at the Holiday Craft Fair at the Airport Mall in Bangor, Maine on Saturday, December 22.  Wish I could be there! 

Check out her Etsy Shop "PinkWhisskey"!

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