Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crowns and Sparkles!

Wouldn't you love to have a crown designed just for you? Or a ring made of leather with the sparkle of a star? Or a lightning bolt to wear on your finger? Shannon of Pink Whiskey is offering new and beautifully unique designs that include custom designed leather crowns, bags, necklaces, bracelets and expertly crafted rings. 

Recently, I received the rings pictured on the tiny wrapped leather boot in the photograph below and fell in love with the uniqueness of design and eclectic creativity. The rings feel as though they belong on your finger forever and are soft, yet are made to last. They show true craftsmanship infused with a bohemian edge by the creator, Shannon. 

And, let's not forget the crowns! I've included a photograph of a crown she designed for her niece which is truly whimsical and so amazing in its design. What child or adult wouldn't love to have a crown to wear? It takes me back to Valentine's Day in graded school when I was the Queen of Hearts and wore a foil-covered, cardboard crown decorated with red sticker hearts. Shannon's crowns feature beads, metals and other materials and are made in various designs.....whatever you would like. From a jagged cut to a straight cut....whatever the wearer would love to have. Or, she can custom design a crown and surprise you with inspiration from her muse! 

Check out her Facebook page, “Pink Whiskey”. There, you can see photographs and contact her about her designs, to place an order or to make a special request.

Keep watching......more to come!

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