Friday, May 4, 2012

Eclectic Creations by a Finnish Muse.......

In my ongoing search for inspired designs, I found this true creator of beautiful and one of a kind handbags, "GarbageBag" (by GarbageGirl aka Anne) made from upcycled materials and fabrics on   I am fascinated with the various lines she has made and named, including "The Return of the Snowmaker's Son's Revenge" which features a corduroy barrel-style bag with various hardware and buckles which she says is "inspired by Johnny Depp's outfit in Tim Burton's classic movie Edward Scissorhands."  Then, other lines such as the "Rather Ripped" collection which is inspired by her favorite band, "Sonic Youth".  There is always a story behind each series.  There are more, such as "Trans-Siberia ", "Crime Wave", "Holly's Breakfast", "Neubaten" and many others.  But, so far, I have to say my favorite series is that of "Metropolis", named for her favorite movie of the same name, which I will have to see - an original silent film made long ago.  Glittery silver with silver tone hardware......these bags remind me of an alien Halloween costume I made long ago and still have stored away.  I may have to buy one of these metallic bags as a birthday gift to myself! Pictured is the "Metropolis" triangle-shaped clutch!

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