Saturday, June 9, 2012

SUGARL!PS.......Moscow Transit Coat!

The Moscow Transit Coat by Sugarlips Apparel……..a jacket fit for a true rebel.  Edgy in its military-style design from light gray fabric that shimmers with silver metallic thread just enough to capture attention… the belt that can be worn tied at the waist or in your own style…..closed, untied……however you prefer “your look”.  The jacket is lined in soft black fabric and adorned with black embossed buttons.  The icing on the cake is the faux fur at each wrist with its unique wave design…….such an eclectic touch!  I highly recommend the Moscow Transit Coat by SUGARL!PS for the spring, fall or winter....or even on a cool summer night.  Sparkle and glimmer but oh so subtle!  Mystery defined.  Fit for the rebellious muse that resides within……..a jacket that will inspire you to discover places that will bring new adventures!  Check it out at!  

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